Downsizing to a Ranch Home – Part 2

Last time we discussed downsizing, we made it through the furniture – and that was tough.  Some hard decisions were made but we did it.  Today it’s time to dig into the stuff.

A great place to start is in your closet.  If you have time before the move, take everything in your closet and reverse the hangers.  Each time to pick out an outfit, place it back with the hangers in the correct way.  When it is time to lessen the load – take the items you have not worn – with hangers still facing reverse – out first.  You may find this will thin your closet by half.  It’s effective, and easy.  If you don’t have time to spare, then I suggest picking out your favorites and “must-haves” first.

Another great place to work on downsizing is the kitchen.  How many spatulas do you really need?  Get some boxes; one for the kids, one for donation and one for the trash.  Open the drawer and toss, or keep.  With a Windsong home, you have plenty of cabinet and pantry space, so you may not have to be to strict on yourself here.

One final suggest on getting to the stuff: if you are feeling overwhelmed, start with the rooms furthest from the heart of the home.  Spare closets, attic, garage.  The stuff you have here is less loved and needed than the stuff closer to the heart, and thus will be easier to make decisions on.

Happy downsizing – and take it slow.  Nobody ever said it will be quick and/or easy!

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