One ENERGY STAR® Home Remains at Somerset!

The Somerset project has been extremely well received and has only one ENERGY STAR rated home available.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in an ENERGY STAR home from Windsong Properties.

Improved comfort and noise reduction – Tight construction and improved insulation help keep out excessive heat, (May, June and July this year), cold (not to mention the snow storm in January!), and noise, while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the house.

Lower maintenance – Energy efficient products such as windows and doors keep the outside temperatures out where they belong.  Additionally, energy efficient windows block damaging UV rays, keeping your furniture and finishes from fading.

Healthier indoor air – Tight construction and increased ventilation keeps dust, pollen and car exhaust out so you can breathe easier.

Better construction – in order to qualify as an ENERGY STAR home, each house is verified by a third party inspector to insure quality construction through a rigorous quality inspection.

Lower energy bills – A tighter building envelope, UV blocking windows, proper insulation and ventilation all serviced by high efficient heating and cooling systems results in lower monthly energy bills.

With 5 great ENERGY STAR reasons to invest in a home a Somerset and only one remaining, the time is NOW.  Don’t wait until it is too late to be a part of something great.  Stop by our sales office today (in the far back right side corner of the community) to learn more and see why we are almost SOLD OUT!

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