Downsizing to a Ranch Home

Clutter makes noise.  Have you noticed?  It’s not always audible noise, but it is noise none the less.   Over a year ago I began the process of eliminating stuff. I wish I could say it was to prepare for a downsizing move; but it is not yet my time.   You are probably at a point in life where you can make the choice to downsize; but when you look around, your stuff is making some noise against that idea.

Downsizing is a much larger operation than eliminating clutter, I will admit.  But with a few guidelines, you can tackle the problem in bite sized pieces.  My recommendation is to start with a new ranch home at Windsong Properties.   2 or 3 bedroom plans with optional bonus rooms or terrace levels will quickly establish your downsizing parameters.  Once you know where you are going, you can determine what will fit.

Take the time to gather the dimensions of the rooms of your new home.  With a set of floor plans and some questions to the builder, you can be well informed and prepared to tackle the furniture.   A California King with a pair of nightstands will comfortably fit in the master; but not in a secondary bedroom.  Some sectional sofas look fabulous in the great room, while others may overtake the space.  Dining spaces vary with the floor plan; room for 8 plus a hutch might not make it.  As you review the furniture room by room, mark the pieces with color coded sticky notes – blue to keep, pink to give to the kids, yellow to sell, and orange to donate.  Learn to make the decisions one time and mark accordingly; you will save yourself time and emotional energy.

Now that the furniture is done – take a break.  Downsizing can be very overwhelming.

Next time we talk downsizing, we will dig in a bit deeper – the real stuff.  If you want to get a head start, call the kids and make them empty out the rooms they vacated on the way to college.

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