Paint your Courtyard with Container Gardening

Windsong’s ranch homes feature private outdoor living space in a courtyard setting.   A highlighted view from the kitchen and great room, the courtyard presents a canvas awaiting a masterful touch.  Container gardening is the perfect solution to bringing color and variety to a courtyard setting.  Here are some tips for painting that canvas.

Like most things in life, good container gardens start with a good foundation.  Select a professional grade potting soil mix from a local nursery.  The pre-bagged soils are easy to use and come packed with starter nutrients and the proper PH balance.  Considering the hot summers of Georgia, it is recommended to add water absorbing gels to your soil mix.  These gels absorb the water, swelling to more than twice their size, then slowly release the moisture back into the soil.

Containers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.  Select containers to your liking and in colors that will compliment your decor and flower choices.   Be sure to choose your containers so as to provide plenty of room for roots to grow.

The final step is to choose the flowers and plants.  Understanding the characteristics of the plants is valuable knowledge.  Some plants want shade, others sun.  Some are water lovers, others are drought resistant.  Still others are aggressive growers and will need a container of their own.   Color and height also come into play when choosing plants.

Painting the canvas of your courtyard with container gardens is a great way to personalize your outdoor living space.  Though it may seem overwhelming, there is plenty of help available at your local nursery and on the internet.  So roll up your sleeves and get dirty; the result will be a masterpiece.

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