Atlanta is in Bloom!

Spring is here! Well, almost.  This is my favorite time of the year.  No heater, no air conditioning, and no pollen.  It won’t last for long, but until I see that yellow dusting, I’m keeping my windows open!  Now is a great time to get outdoors as well.  The crisp spring air, trees and flowers in bloom and great temperatures are so inviting.

But where to go?  The Georgia State Park system is a great place to start.  If you like to hike, try Cloudland Canyon State Park in the Northwest.  Travel deep into the canyon and see the waterfalls.  With spring rains keeping the waters flowing, it’s a great place for a picnic lunch.  Be sure to rest up, because what goes down, must go up… (you)!

If history is your thing, there are many historic sites to visit.  South of Columbus, you can visit Roosevelt’s Little White House Historic Site, a vacation home of FDR turned museum.   In Cartersville, you can find the Etowah Indian Mounds and visitors site, and near the ocean, you can visit 18th century plantations and early American Forts.

With 65 parks and historic places in the mountains, on the rivers and lakes, near the ocean and in the plains, the Georgia State Park system can keep you busy and outdoors for more than just the spring.

An annual pass for all of the Georgia State Park sites is $50.  Seniors 62 and over receive a 50% discount.  Holders of a valid Georgia Library card can check out a free pass at their local library.

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