Active Retirement Living – School Days

watercolor classBelieve it or not, your school days could be far from finished. Baby boomers who may have finished their higher education a few decades ago but miss the glory days of constant learning and mentally stimulating companionship are in luck. Roswell-Alpharetta’s Seniors Enriched Living is your key to continuing education and world exploration at any age.
The classes produced by SEL, a nonprofit interfaith community organization dedicated to empowering active adults to lead productive, creative and independent lives, are held at the Roswell center, just a short drive from Windsong’s active retirement living communities.

Offering exciting courses quarterly, the range of topics is vast and includes something to spark every interest. Registration is currently on for the Winter 2011 session, beginning January 13. Choose to “Lunch ‘N Learn” on Thursdays for eight weeks, which allows you to choose from courses including Medieval Masterpieces art history, Spanish for Beginners, Financial Retirement, Watercolor Painting, Woodcarving, Shakespeare’s Comedies and Genealogy.

The day allows for lunchtime, and can even include Music Theory and Appreciation, instruction in bridge and health and fitness aimed at seniors. Alternately, on Tuesdays at the Roswell United Methodist Youth Building, classes such as The Movies that Made America, Persons and Events that Shaped Our Country and America’s Most Famous Gangsters and Mobsters are offered.
SEL also holds computer classes for any boomers who wish to have further instruction to catch up with their grandkids, and defensive driving, something that’s valuable for drivers of all ages for our Atlanta roads!  All in all, the classes bring together a rich collection of experts, eager pupils and current topics to enrich and enliven your day and mind.

Seniors Enriched Living, 814 Mimosa Blvd., Roswell, GA 30075. Registration form online at


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