Atlanta Retirement Living – “OVO” Under the Big Top!

Circus ImageDecades ago when the circus came to town, it was to present a marvelous spectacle of elephants, sequined dancers, clowns in a tiny car, and tigers jumping through hoops. But today, when many people think “circus,” they think of Cirque du Soleil, the theatrical acrobatic phenomenon from Montreal that has taken over tents around the world. And now, beginning Thursday, Nov. 4, the troupe will premiere its latest, Ovo, to all of Georgia at Atlantic Station, just a 30-minute drive from Windsong’s active adult communities.

This elaborate performance has something for absolute everyone. Said Guy Laliberté, Cirque’s CEO, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Usually this show will stay around the world for 15 years, and it’s for grandmothers, grandfathers, adults, children, everybody and every different culture.” So, come one, come all, to the latest spectacular full of amazingly talented acrobats from around the globe.

In Portuguese, “ovo” means egg, and the set for the show is a kingdom of vibrant insects in a busy, energetic ecosystem. The goal was to promote biodiversity and beauty, with the acrobats acting as multi-legged insects and bugs—something that actually comes pretty naturally to them and their unbelievable flexibility! The story has elements of love, peace, chaos, noise and beauty, and is said to have the most easy-to-follow plot of any of the Cirque’s past shows, which are sometimes hard to follow or lose the storyline.

Each bug has its own personality, dance style and awe-inspiring bendy tricks that will have each audience member captured and impressed. And the underlying theme and metaphors of the show, created by a well-known Brazilian choreographer, Deborah Colker (also the first woman to ever create a Cirque show in 25 years), will be obvious to different people who will find meaning in layers.

Ovo runs through December 5, but is expected to be extended, though don’t use that as an excuse to delay getting tickets for the whole family to be inspired by elaborate costumes, exotic movement and an environment of festive amazement!

Ovo at Atlantic Station, opens Thurs., Nov. 4. Tickets $35-225, 1.800.450.1480;


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