Your Personalized Home, Ready in 90 Days

At Windsong Properties, we strive to make “Life A Breeze” through the entire building process.  “Building a new home is no small undertaking,” states Steve Romeyn, Managing Partner of Windsong Properties.  “We have the ability to take a complex process, add some personalization and still be ready for the buyer to move in within 90 days.”

Ranch homes from Windsong Properties feature beautiful standard finishes such as tile showers and floors, granite countertops and wood floors in the kitchen.  One trip to the design center and buyers come to understand there are a plethora of variations that can be chosen to personalize their home.  Many of our buyers find just the right finishes to match their tastes through the option selection process; yet some have a few more ideas.  When one couple came to us with the request for a custom train room to set up and run his train collection, we found a way to make it happen.  “We listen to all of our buyers and try to bring their ideas and concepts to life.  With our project management system, everyone on the team knows what is happening or what is about to happen.  The details just don’t get missed,”  comments Steve.  Many of the ideas include structural changes such as expanding a room, relocating a wall, or even adding a garage.  “When possible, we will make their personal requests happen,” states Steve.  “Their ideas are great, and often times they become standard options for future projects.”

Personalization sometimes comes out of a lifestyle need. One recent buyer commented…”these homes are designed to make life easier without being obvious in the accessibility factor. I came with some special needs and they have all been very accomodating in meeting those needs in this already acccessible home.”  Windsong’s team cares about our buyers and are dedicate to seeing their personalization need and dreams be fulfilled.

Come in today and talk with us about your personalized home.  We can do it right and you can move in within 90 days!

Windsong Properties…Where Life’s a Breeze

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