Elegant Ranch Homes – With Storage Space!

Moving from the typical 2 story family home into a single story ranch home can be a challenge.  We all know that the more we live our lives, the more we somehow collect ‘stuff’.  Not that stuff is bad, most of it is good, it’s just there is a lot of it.  We get comfortable with our stuff; but stuff requires storage.  Many single story ranch homes do not have ample storage.  Windsong Properties learned early on the importance of storage and redesigned their floorplans to include more.

“When we first started building, we did not account for storage,” states Steve Romeyn, Managing Partner for Windsong Properties.  “By listening to our buyers, we learned what would make a great floor plan even better.  Today, all of our homes offer permanent stairs to attic storage. ”  Attic storage in a ranch home is great.  The stairs are full sized, not skinny pulldown stairs, so carrying boxes or totes up and down is not difficult.  At the top of the stairs, you will find about 1/3 of the area to have decking.   With ample light and headroom, many of our organized homeowners have constructed shelving systems to keep Christmas decorations from mingling with Easter.

Knowing there is extra storage in a Windsong ranch home can make the moving and downsizing process a bit less stressful.  Sometimes you are just not ready to part with your ‘stuff’.  Here, you can bring it along, there is plenty of room!

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