Building Your ‘Wishlist’ Before Looking for a New Retirement Community In Atlanta

When you are just getting starting looking for a home, it is a good idea to make a ‘wishlist’ of the things you want in and around your new home.  This will help focus the house hunting efforts and lead you to your new home and community quicker.

When you first get the inspiration to purchase a new home for retirement, there is usually a trigger that sets you in motion.  It could be emotional, physical, or a major life event that starts the ball rolling.  Take note of that trigger as it will be the top of your ‘wishlist”

Here are 3 things to consider as part of your ‘wishlist’ for your home:

1.  WHERE should you buy your new home?

This is by far the biggest question to answer.  Will you remain in the city you current live? Would a place more country, more suburban, or more urban interest you?  Do you want to be closer to your children?  (How close?)  What type of climate are you interested in?

2.    What LIFESTYLE are you looking for?

Are you looking for a ranch home that so you no longer climb the stairs daily?  Do you want something smaller and easier to care for?  Does the adventure of making new friends and exploring new areas interest you?  Do you want to learn new hobbies?  If so, what kind?  Are you looking for a full plate of activities to participate in?  Is exercise important?

There are so many different types of retirement communities out there.  Answering these questions will help you  determine if you are looking for a large active adult community with an expansive clubhouse and a plethora of activities or if you would be more comfortable in a smaller community with a more intimate clubhouse.

3.    What MAINTENANCE chores do you hope to give up?

Most 55+ communities and retirement communities offer what is called a low maintenance lifestyle.  The homes are built with materials that resist wear and tear for an extended period of time both inside and out.  This makes home maintenance and repair lest frequent and often less difficult.   To escape exterior home maintenance completely, look for a ranch condo community as they often provide all of the exterior building maintenance on your home.  Retirement communities typically offer landscape maintenance in addition to the clubhouse/amenity area maintenance.  (So sell that lawn mower before you move!)

When you start house hunting, you will find that the options and opportunities for a new home and community are limitless.  It can be very overwhelming.  If you do your soul searching first and learn what is important to YOU, it will make the process a lot easier.

Happy Hunting!!

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