Atlanta Farmers Markets are Open!

Spring has arrived!!!  (And the pollen is almost gone – yipee!)  Have you planted your garden?  Mine is in; peas, carrots, corn, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and watermelon.  Yes, the watermelon is going to take over.  It was actually not intentional this year.  Last year I planted watermelon and we grew a 24 pounder!  Some of them didn’t make it and rotted on the vine so I threw them in my compost pile.   This year, when I used the compost, the seeds obviously held up and ta-da!  Watermelon everywhere!!!  I have left most of the plants in as it could be fun…

Being raised in a farming community in Wisconsin, I never seem to get my plants in at the right time.  The season starts so much earlier here and my internal timing still has not kicked in.  Good thing for me that we have great Farmer’s Markets in the area.  I love them not only for the fresh veggies but for the delicious baked goods and treats as well.  Here is a list of some great markets in the area.

Marietta Farmer’s Market – opening May 1
Acworth Farmer’s Market – opening May
Kennesaw Farmer’s Market – opening May 4
Canton Farmer’s Market – opening June

So pick a market, plan a morning and enjoy the fresh bounty from our land!!

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