Enrichment Life Movement – Great classes and local travel for the “50 and getting better” set.

This weekend, I found a flier in the Cobb County Library about a program called ELM – Enrichment of Life Movement.  This is a ministry of the First United Methodist Church in Marietta.  ELM provides a variety of classes available to folks 50 and over in and around the Cobb County area.  (You do not have to live in Cobb to participate.)  Classes include fitness, investing, dancing, gardening, computers, crafts, and more.  Registration fees are very reasonable and classes are held on the campus of First United Methodist Church in Marietta.

In addition to classes, ELM hosts themed luncheons and local organized travel.  Trips on this year’s schedule included a visit to Macon and to Ft. Valley for fresh peaches, an ‘outback’ experience to the Kangaroo Center in Dawsonville and the annual Christmas Trip, (which is currently a closely held secret).  For more information, visit your local Cobb County Library or their website www.elmcobb.org


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