Landscaping – or Not

Today is another beautiful (but yellow/green) day in Atlanta.  Other than the pesky pollen, it is a great day to enjoy the beauty and privacy of a courtyard home at Windsong.  Since our beginning, we have built ranch homes that provide private courtyards.  Over time, we have seen courtyard landscaping ideas from the simple and elegant to the lavish.  Some have flowering plants, others have evergreen shrubs, (some with both) and still others have added pools, hot tubs, gazebos, stone walkways, fireplaces and the like.  The courtyard of our ranch home is a great place to express your personality with a private outdoor living space.

The Villas at Blackberry Run, in Dallas GA is almost sold out.  With only 2 homes remaining, there is a small window of opportunity left to become part of this community.  One of great events of this community is the Annual Courtyard Crawl.  Neighbors get together and organize a day of visiting and (showing off) each others courtyards.  Each courtyard host has refreshments available for the group as they tour.  What a great way to get to know your neighbors, have some great food and gather a few ideas for your own private space!  And the best part about all of this: the only landscaping you have to maintain is what you choose to put in your courtyard – leave the rest to the landscapers!  All Windsong communities are maintenance free.

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