Let the Blog Posts Begin!!

So, as you can see, this blog has been up and running for a while, but sort of ‘hit and miss’.  Blogging is an interesting new adventure and we stepped off with just a toe in the water; and pulled it back quiet often.  I am now going to jump in with a big splash!
I am Carrie, the Marketing Director for Windsong Properties.  I am not in the “Active Adult” generation that we serve. I am, however, the child of 2 sets of Active Adults.  (One set more active than the other.).  Just this past year, we moved my husband’s parents into a community to be near us. They came from Florida – pretty much what you would call a ‘Half-Backer’.  They left Wisconsin 30 years ago to live in Florida, and have now come ‘half way back’ to live in Georgia.  “Half-Backers” are common here in GA, so if you are one, give us a shout out!
My parents are the “Lock and Leave” type of Active Adult.  They maintain a home in Wisconsin and every winter, they lock their home and leave with their RV to remote areas of Texas. Warm weather and ocean fishing!!  Their route to Texas or from Texas goes through Atlanta (I know, not really on the way, is it?).
My hope for the blog is that I will be able to provide useful information for the Active Adults of our area (and those looking to move to our area).  If you have ideas or suggestions on topics, or if you fill inspired to be a guest blogger, just send me a note or leave me a comment!!  Thanks for stopping in.
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