…to share an e-mail from a current buyer.

I’d like to share part of an e-mail from one of our recent buyers under a contingent contract in our active adult community of Somerset.  They are definitely ready to live “Where Life’s a Breeze”!

“… we encouraged our real estate brokers to throw an agents’ open house, anticipating that we might get some useful feedback in addition to heightened interest.  They all loved the house. . . . and then suggested that if we really wanted to sell the house, we needed to 1) get rid of the bright colors in the kitchen and downstairs bedroom and 2) clear out a bunch of the personal items scattered about.

Our painters finished their work Sunday, …dropped the asking price from $225,000 to $209,900, and we’ll then see what sort of reaction we get from this most reluctant market.

Wanted to let you all know we are pulling out all the stops.  If this isn’t a good faith effort, I don’t know what is.  This has all been very frustrating, but we will get the house sold!”

At Windsong Properties, we understand that the market is difficult, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help you sell your house. Living in a Windsong Properties community is all about making “Life a Breeze” – including your transition!

For more information on our communities, please visit our website: www.windsonglife.com


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