The Homes We’ve Chosen – a Poem inspired by Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

We’ve come so far doing the things we should With choices for love and duty, both When faced with something that is good – A luxury Active Adult neighborhood What is it I desire most? Space outdoors in the fresh spring air Entertaining and traveling are my aim Is it luxury living for which I […]

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Financial Facts for Active Adults

According to Social Security Administration guidelines, individuals born between 1943 and 1954 may begin to claim “early retirement” at age 62, or “full retirement” at age 66. Statistics reveal that nearly 70% of recipients claim “early,” resulting in smaller monthly payments. Financial experts recommend waiting until full retirement age to begin taking benefits, unless you […]

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Active Adults Aim For Healthier Hearts

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, February 14, and with it comes the tradition of doing something to show your loved ones how much you care about them with candy, flowers, gifts, etc. But the best thing we can do is to pledge to make lifestyle changes to keep our hearts healthy so we can spend […]

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Accountability Helps Keep New Year’s Resolutions Part 2. Getting Healthy

It’s February… How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? In January, the gyms were full, and grocery store displays featured such healthy options as organic foods, soups, low fat/low carb “diet-friendly” choices, and fresh produce. But Cupid has his quiver of arrows at the ready to derail you with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Cold weather […]

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A Boomer Poem: In the Style of Robert Burns

When Boomers stroll along the street They often find neighbors to greet; In clubhouse rooms or sidewalks wide; Front porches or courtyards on the side. Conversations often ensue; After the first “how do you do;” It doesn’t take too long, we’ve found, For Windsong folks to find common ground. Life experiences, you see, Are similar […]

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Boomers Enjoy “The Social Round”

“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen!” – A. A. Milne Children’s stories have such an incredible job: they use simple language, lovable creatures, and quickly resolved situations to explain the complexities of life – or perhaps to show us that […]

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Boomers Tackle New Year’s Resolutions: Part 1. Organization

According to a research organization that keeps track of such things, #10 on the list of popular New Year’s resolutions is Get Organized. But we’re going to discuss that one first, since being organized can be beneficial in attaining the other nine (which range from health to finances to social interactions, and more). When moving […]

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Boomers Wish New Neighbors a Warm Welcome

When the moving truck rolls up to a newly constructed home, it’s only natural for those already living in the community to want to meet the homeowners and welcome them to the neighborhood. Offering a friendly wave during your morning stroll, or stopping to chat when you meet at the mailbox are certainly avenues most […]

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CHEERS! To the Active Adult Lifestyle

On the last Thursday evening in 1982, television viewers were introduced to a cast of characters in a Boston bar called Cheers! the appeal of which was the community atmosphere where, according to the catchy theme song, “Everybody knows your name.” The appeal of familiar people and surroundings has not been lost on our generation. […]

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Social Security Changes Bode Well for Boomers

Whether you spent cash or put your holiday gifts on credit in December, it’s always nice to receive good news on the financial front going into the New Year, and the Social Security Administration’s annual updates to benefits brings quite a bit of positive news for Baby Boomers in 2015. Of the five changes announced […]

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